The 1967 Ford Mustang 428 GT500 is a true icon in the world of American muscle cars. Revered for its unparalleled power and distinctive style, it stands as a testament to the golden era of automotive performance. In this article, we will explore the history, design, performance, and enduring fascination surrounding this legendary automobile.

A Glimpse into History

The year 1967 marked a pivotal moment in the evolution of the Ford Mustang. It was the year when the GT500 variant was introduced, catapulting the Mustang into the realm of high-performance muscle cars. This transformation solidified the Mustang’s reputation as an American automotive legend.

Design and Styling

The 1967 Ford Mustang 428 GT500 boasts an unmistakable design that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the era. Its powerful and aggressive appearance still captivates car enthusiasts today.

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Exterior Features

  • Sleek Fastback Styling: The fastback roofline contributes to its aerodynamic profile, giving the car a streamlined and sporty look.
  • Bold Front Grille: The prominent front grille, adorned with the iconic Cobra emblem, immediately sets the GT500 apart from other Mustangs.
  • Muscular Contours: Sculpted bodylines and flared fenders emphasize its powerful presence.
  • Dual Exhausts: The dual exhausts emit a thunderous roar, hinting at the immense power lurking under the hood.

Interior Comfort

While the GT500 is known for its performance, it doesn’t compromise on interior comfort. Premium materials, comfortable seats, and a driver-oriented cockpit ensure an enjoyable driving experience.

Engine Powerhouse

What truly sets the 1967 Ford Mustang 428 GT500 apart is its legendary engine. The GT500 was powered by a 428-cubic-inch V8 engine that delivered jaw-dropping performance.

Engine Specifications

  • 428 V8 Engine: The heart of the GT500 was a 428 cubic inch V8 engine, known as the “Police Interceptor,” producing a staggering 355 horsepower.
  • Dual Quad Carburetors: The engine featured dual quad carburetors, enabling it to gulp in large amounts of air and fuel for maximum power.
  • Torque Monster: The GT500’s engine generated an incredible 420 lb-ft of torque, providing explosive acceleration.
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Driving Experience

Driving a 1967 Ford Mustang 428 GT500 is an exhilarating experience. The raw power of the V8 engine, coupled with precise steering and a tuned suspension, makes every drive an adrenaline-pumping adventure.

Suspension and Handling

The GT500’s suspension was finely tuned to handle the immense power, providing a balance between ride comfort and road-holding capability. It handled both straight-line speed and cornering with ease.

Collectibility and Value

The 1967 Ford Mustang 428 GT500 is not just a classic car; it’s a highly sought-after collector’s item. Its historical significance, unique design, and astonishing performance have made it a valuable asset for collectors. Pristine examples of the GT500 can command exceptionally high prices at auctions.


In the realm of American muscle cars, the 1967 Ford Mustang 428 GT500 remains an unrivaled legend. Its distinctive design, powerhouse engine, and thrilling driving experience continue to captivate car enthusiasts across generations. Owning a GT500 is not merely owning a car; it’s possessing a piece of automotive history and a symbol of muscle car excellence.

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  1. How many 1967 Ford Mustang 428 GT500s were produced?
    • Approximately 2,048 GT500s were manufactured in 1967.
  2. What sets the GT500 apart from other Mustang models of its era?
    • The GT500 features a powerful 428 V8 engine, distinctive styling, and high-performance enhancements.
  3. Is the ’67 GT500 a good investment for collectors?
    • Yes, the ’67 GT500 is considered an excellent investment due to its rarity and historical significance.
  4. Are there any modern Mustang models that pay homage to the ’67 GT500?
    • Ford has released special edition Mustangs that draw inspiration from the classic ’67 GT500 design.
  5. What maintenance tips should ’67 GT500 owners follow to preserve their cars?
    • Regular maintenance, careful storage, and rust prevention are essential for preserving the condition and value of a ’67 GT500.

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