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Waterproof Backpack for DSLR Camera

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Taking your camera equipment on the go should be the easiest part about getting your next epic landscape or wildlife shot. Now it is.

Never worry about your camera gear getting wet again, this backpack is 100% waterproof. Whether you're out in the rain or you drop it crossing that log bridge you knew you could make, your camera, lenses, batteries, SD cards, and flash assemblies are safe in your waterproof DSLR backpack.

Designed to fit all Nikon, Canon, Fuji, and Sony DSLR cameras as well as a variety of lens sizes. Scroll through the images to see the lens compartments.

  • Triple-Layered Rugged Design
    • Top Layer: 600D Nylon protects against rips, tears, scratches and other damage
    • Mid-Layer: Waterproofing membrane
    • Bottom Layer: Shock absorbing foam layer
  • Backpack Dimensions: 10.4"x13"x4.9" (26.5x33x12.5 cm) - Fits As Personal Item On Most Airlines
  • Mesh pockets on exterior for water bottles, etc.
  • Mesh zipper pockets on interior for SD cards, extra batteries, hard drives, and more.
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