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Smartphone Professional Photography Kit

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Looking to get into photography but don't know where to start?

Maybe you just don't always want to lug around all the equipment that comes with your DSLR?

Well look no further, ZenDen Outdoor has you covered with an all-encompassing kit to take your phone photography to the next level. This kit has everything you need and more.

  • Telescoping Lens (10X magnification, no change in field of view). The ultimate wildlife lens. Keep your safe distance and still get the amazing shot you deserve. This lens shoots crystal clear photos of animals or other objects that would normally be too far away. Can zoom up to 10X without losing any quality.
  • Wide Angle Lens (0.67X magnification, 130 degree field of view). Perfect for widening your view to get those epic landscape shots EXACTLY how you envisioned it.
  • Macro Lens (10X magnification, no change in field of view). This lens is used for getting up close and capturing the little things that are often overlooked. Best applications: Wildflowers, insects, small animals, and textures.
  • "Fish Eye" Lens (0.33X magnification, 180 degree field of view). This lens is great for shooting action sports photos and videos to make sure you get everything in the frame while staying up close and in the action.
  • Aluminum Tripod with Smartphone Mount Included
  • Selfie-Stick with Smartphone Mount Included
  • Selfie Remote to snap pictures when you can't reach the shutter button on your phone.
  • (2) Lens Clips to attach the lenses to your smartphone.
  • (2) Lens Protectors to keep your lenses safe when in your bag.
  • Microfiber Carrying Pouch to keep all your lenses and selfie remote in one spot, and easily clean lens smudges on the go.
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