How to Keep Raccoons Away From Your Campsite

If you’ve ever had a raccoon rummage through your campsite, you know how frustrating it can be. Not only do they make a mess, but they can also be dangerous to humans and pets. Here are some tips on how to keep raccoons away from your campsite.

How to Keep Raccoons Out of Your Campsite

Campers should take necessary precautions to avoid the presence of raccoons at their site. Start by examining the area for any potential sources of food that these animals may be attracted to, such as pet food, trash, or other sources of nutrition. If you determine there are any possible sources, make sure to secure them in airtight containers or dispose of them properly and store food inside your camper or a cooler. Additionally, it is important to check the campground’s regulations regarding leaving out bait as this could attract raccoons and other pests. Additionally, inspect the premises near your campsite for any ledges or crevices that a raccoon might use as an entry point into the campsite. Make sure gaps around tent zippers are closed tightly and consider hanging mesh bags with lighter items such as towels up high. Ultimately, by taking preventative action beforehand you can enjoy a safe and peaceful camping experience!

Put Your Food In Your Car

When camping, one of the most important tips to remember is to always keep your food in your car and away from any wild animals. Raccoons are notorious scavengers, and they will rummage through campsites looking for any snacks they can find! To ensure that these critters stay away, make sure to store all of your food in an airtight container inside of your vehicle. You should also remember to throw out food waste in a sealed trash bag away from the campsite and never leave any leftovers or scraps lying around. Keeping raccoons away is an essential element of planning a successful camping trip – so make sure to put your food in your car!

Use a Latched Cooler

Keeping raccoons from raiding your campsite is an important goal to prevent unwanted conflict and food loss. An effective solution is to use a latched cooler for any food items you need to store. Raccoons are known for their incredible dexterity, so any coolers without locks won’t stand a chance against hungry intruders. Securely latch any coolers you have open with a cable lock or other reliable fastener. Placing your cooler up in the air on a tabletop or fire pit grating will make it even harder for curious raccoons to reach. This plan should give you some peace of mind while camping in animal habitats.

Use a Bear Canister With an Odor-Proof Bag

To help prevent raccoons from reaching your campsite, investing in a bear-proof canister is an excellent option. Not only will this keep animals away from your food and other salvagables but it also comes with an added bonus in the form of an odor-proof bag. This helps to make sure that the scent of the food you are stashing in the canister isn’t leaking out, thus making your campsite even more unattractive from the perspective of a hungry raccoon. Furthermore, these containers tend to be lightweight and well constructed meaning that you don’t need to fret about them being damaged. With this in mind, investing in one of these canisters is a great way to make sure that your valuable items stay put – even when a hungry raccoon is just waiting to get its hands on them!

Dispose of Your Trash The Right Way

If you’re camping in an area where raccoons are known to visit, the best way to keep them out of your campsite is to practice proper trash disposal. When disposing of food waste, opt for airtight garbage containers with locking lids and store them away from your tent. Furthermore, refrain from feeding raccoons directly; intentionally feeding them can make them more aggressive and take away their fear of humans. Try to minimize the amount of odors that attract raccoons such as sugary drinks or condiments by storing them in sealed bags or containers. Whenever possible, burn wood debris instead of leaving it behind as this will eliminate potential habitats for raccoons near your campsite.

Leave Your Scented Toiletries Behind

If you’re planning on camping in an area known to have raccoons, it’s important to take measures to prevent them from getting into your campsite. One way to do this is to leave your scented toiletries behind. Raccoons are attracted to strong smells, so keeping your cosmetics and perfumes out of reach will help keep them away from your camp.

Don’t Be Afraid to Make Some Noise

If you’re looking to keep raccoons out of your campsite, one of the best things you can do is make some noise. Raccoons are naturally curious creatures, and they’re not particularly shy either. So, if you make enough noise, it’ll likely scare them off and deter them from coming back. Additionally, it’s important to clean up any food or trash that you have around your campsite. Raccoons are attracted to these things, so if you can eliminate them, you’ll be less likely to attract them in the first place.

Never Approach a Raccoon

Keeping raccoons out of your campsite can be a challenge, but there are several things that campers can do to reduce the risk of an unwelcome encounter. One of the most important steps is to never approach a raccoon, as doing so may startle them and cause them to become aggressive or attack. Additionally, do not leave out any food at all; store food items in sealed containers, dispose of garbage and food scraps properly, and keep all pet foods secured. To further deter visits from these nocturnal animals, try sprinkling crushed pepper or cayenne powder around the perimeter of the campsite or setting up motion-sensor lights or a radios near the area. With some preparation and prevention techniques in place, you should be able to enjoy your camping trip without any unexpected visitors!

Using Scent Deterrents with Raccoons

Keeping raccoons out of your campsite can be a difficult challenge. One way to deter them is by using scent deterrents such as ammonia-soaked rags, mothballs, pieces of Irish spring soap, or garlic powder. It is best to place these scent deterrents where the raccoon might enter your campsite and away from areas you will be spending time in. Make sure to refresh these items every couple days so their effect isn’t diminished over time. Keeping the campsite clean and free from garbage is also important because it will help to prevent raccoons from being attracted to the area in the first place. Keeping your campsite safe by using scent deterrents is an effective and long-lasting way to keep raccoons at bay.

Final Thoughts

Taking the proper precautions when camping can make for a much more enjoyable experience. Whether it’s setting up a perimeter fence around your campsite, properly storing away any food you brought in airtight containers or just making sure not to leave any garbage lying around, taking the time to do these things will ensure your safety and peace of mind. It’s also important to be aware of any local wildlife like raccoons, as they can be attracted to campsites because of unattended food sources. In case you see one during your visit, make some loud noises and try to scare it away. With these tips in mind, one should have a smoother camping experience than ever before!


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