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“Welcome To My World” is a song by Elvis Presley released in 1973. It is the opening song for the live album Aloha from Hawaii, Live in Honolulu. The song was written by Red West and Jerry Reed.

The song has a cheerful melody and friendly lyrics, welcoming the listener to the world of Elvis Presley. Elvis sings this song in a lively and confident style, showing off his distinct personality.

“Welcome To My World” has become one of Elvis Presley’s iconic songs. It was released as a single and reached number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song has also been covered by many other artists, including Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, and Barry Manilow.

Here are some additional details about the song:

  • Title: Welcome To My World
  • Authors: Red West and Jerry Reed
  • Release: 1973
  • Album: Aloha from Hawaii, Live in Honolulu
  • Genre: Pop, rockabilly
  • Vocal style: Lively, confident
  • Content: Welcoming the listener to the world of Elvis Presley
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“Welcome To My World” is a cheerful and catchy song that bears the distinct mark of Elvis Presley. It is one of his iconic songs and is still loved today.



Welcome to my world,
Won’t you come on in
Miracles, I guess
Still happen now and then
Step into my heart
Leave your cares behind
Welcome to my world
Built with you in mind

Knock and the door shall be open
Seek and you will find
Ask and you’ll be given
The key to this heart of mine

I’ll be waiting there
With my arms unfurled
Waiting just for you
Welcome to my world
Welcome to my world

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