For the First Time Ever, a Complete and Uncut History of the 1969 Chevrolet Corvette L88

For years, Corvette enthusiasts have been asking for a complete and uncut history of Chevrolet’s 1969 Corvette L88. Finally, Jerry Holbrook has answered their prayers with his new book, which provides all the information anyone needs to understand and appreciate this significant model. From the striking design to the powerful performance, this book is packed … Read more

Rediscovered 1960 Corvette Sells for Almost $2 Million

A 1960 Corvette sold for $1.8 million at a recent auction, making it the most expensive Corvette ever sold. The car was originally bought new for $2,750 and has only been driven about 4,500 miles since. This incredible car is practically brand new, and its rarity and historical significance make it a coveted collectible. The … Read more

How to Turn Your 1957 Pontiac Bonneville Into a Racecar

If you’re looking to turn your 1957 Pontiac Bonneville into a racecar, this guide has everything you need. From modifying the suspension to upgrading the brakes, it’s clear that this car is capable of performing at the highest level. Modifying the suspension to make the car perform better One of the key modifications you can … Read more

A Homecoming for the 1958 Plymouth Fury

For 58 years, the Plymouth Fury was a symbol of American muscle carhood. But in 2013, a new Fury was born- a restored and modified version of the car that starred in the original “Bullitt” movie. The Fury remake was created by Hollywood stuntman John Sales, and after years of deliberation, restoration, and custom modification, … Read more